Examine Pushkin's Use of the Supernatural in ‘Pikovaia Dama’ (‘the Queen of Spades’). to What Extent Could This Text Be Described as a ‘Ghost Story’?

Topics: Playing card, Card game, Supernatural Pages: 4 (1511 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Examine Pushkin’s use of the supernatural in ‘Pikovaia dama’ (‘The Queen of Spades’). To what extent could this text be described as a ‘ghost story’? The first setting is a card party hosted by Narumov of the Horse Guards. Hermann the young engineer was always watching the others play until the early hours of the morning but had never actually partaken in the card game himself. Tomsky starts to talk about his grandmother, Countess Anna Fedotovna. All the others listen eagerly while he tells a story about his grandmother’s gambling sixty years ago in Paris. She had lost a large sum playing the card game Faro. When her husband refused to pay off her debts, which she could not do so herself she has to look elsewhere for the money. Tomsky goes on to tell of his grandmother’s acquaintance with a man named Count de Saint-Germain, “the subject of so many weird and wonderful tales”. One of those tales mentioned in the novella is that he was the inventor of the elixir of life. A potion which could be used to bring eternal life to whoever drank it. This is the first sign of the supernatural in the story. Pushkin by no means shows any feeling of the tales of Count de Saint-Germain to be true. It is actually quite the contrary as Tomsky starts off by saying “You know he passed himself off as the...” indicating that he was trying to convince people he was but in actual fact very few believed him. Also the use of “and so forth” indicates he is getting bored of listing these ‘wonderful’ tales about the Count. He then goes on to say that people used to ridicule him. For all the Count’s mysteriousness he was though a very wealthy man. The Countess requested to meet with him in the hope that he would pay off her debts out of the kindness of his heart. After all, that kind of money would not even make a small dent in the Count’s wallet. After pondering her proposal he said “I can accommodate you as far as the sum of money goes, but I know you would be at ease until you had...
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