Examine and Analyze the Cause of Crime

Topics: Mother, Parent, Criminology Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Examine and Analyze the cause of crime

Tasha M. Oliver

Everest University Online


Analyzing the causes of crime, in the context of a visual task. Biological, Behavioral,

and Personality is the way of figuring out why a person becomes a criminal. Using these three theories biological behavioral, and personality will show that when a person is born with certain traits they are born criminals, but my report will also show that using these three theories can not determined if a person is born to be a criminal. Keywords: Analyzing, visual task, figuring out, data, traits.

When analyzing the causes of crime I will show how using these three theories biological, psychodynamic, and personality can determined if a person is born a criminal. When a person is born they start out with the biological aspects of there parents, which means that if a parent has been a criminal for his entire life it is more than likely that his unborn child will follow in his fathers path. If you born with a low birth weight due to your mother not staying healthy during her pregnancy. If she was smoking during her pregnancy she is causing you to get less oxygen to your brain which can cause you to be unstable to where your biological balance is broken. That balance is to help you grow to think and make proper choices. Your personality will be effected and because of this inbalance you may be more aggressive toward your peers in your childhood and adult life. That same inbalance will have a big psychological problem to where you cant think straight or have feeling for yourself or others. When an adolescent starts showing criminal traits this adolescent is taking for testing to find out what is causing this type of behavior. In their findings they will see that at birth his/her mother didn’t eat properly or take any kinds of vitamins. Now this adolescent is put into a cagatory as a juvenile delquent with the other delinquents in the same position for example: A...
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