Examination System

Topics: Education, Student, Curriculum Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: May 27, 2013
(Our examinations system)
1. Decline in the standard of education
2. Fault lies with the faulty examination system
3. Only a test of memory
4. Causes worry but not induces students to work hard
5. Teachers are over burdened
6. Profitable business
7. Need to change the system The standard of education is declining in Pakistan day by day. Our educational institutions are producing not men of letters but men of money. They are not learned people with independent thinking and a wider and serious outlook on life. Their purpose of getting education is not to prepare themselves for life. They want only a job that may give them money to buy luxuries of life and power to harm others. So they seek short cuts to pass their examination so that may achieve their goal as soon as possible and with as less labour as they can. Unfortunately our examination system is so out dated and it helps them achieve this aim. Great progress has been made in every field of study. But the method of testing a person’s knowledge is still old. People have now started crying against the present examination system. They argue that it is only a good means of testing a student’s memory. But it can tell us nothing about his real ability. Examination cause worry because so much depends on them. They are all the mark of success or failure in our society. Your whole future may be decided in one fateful day. It dose not matter that you were not feeling well or that your mother died. If you fail in the examination, you will be considered as dull as a donkey. The aim and object of education be to train us to think for ourselves. The examination system does anything but that. We have to follow and learn only what is clearly defined by a syllabus. Thus examination encourage memorization. We mug up some important questions that may occur in the examination paper and then vomit them out in the examinations. Thus examination do not motivate a student to ready widely. Then teachers themselves...
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