Examination Reforms

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Examination reforms:
* Our education system is universally criticized for a number of gaps in our examination system. * It is criticized for not keeping pace with the demand of the outside world, for not being scientific and comprehensive for not considering the practical skills required for good adjustment and for its traditional methods of measurements. * Time and again various committees and commissions have tried to address the inherent malice in the examination system but for our conventional thinking nothing fruitful has resulted in this direction. * NCF 2005 also emphasized the need for reforms in present examination system by making them child friendly and stress free. Hence it is felt that it is high time that we have a serious look in to the issue and bring about some changes taking off its demerits for making examinations an important tool in assessment of child. * As part of this the SCERT has conducted a number of meetings, seminars and workshops on examination reforms. The government of A.P. issued G.O.M.S. 122 dated: – 5-10-2005 and constituted a core committee to examine the issues of introduction of grading system and other reforms in examinations. In continuation of this a meeting was organized in SCERT on 6-12-2010. Involving the experts from state and national levels. Executive summary

* Our entire education system is centered around examinations. * Evaluation means to conduct the examination and to give marks and ranks to students. Student’s knowledge is often limited to by hearting and reproducing the same in the examinations. Their innate talents are not recognized; instead their capability in writing examination is being tested. It is restricted to only by- hearting /rote memory. * There is no uniformity in evaluation. different types of evaluation systems are prevailing in different Boards i.e. Government, ICSE, CBSE etc. There is no flexibility in the conducting of tests. It is rigid Board...
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