Examination Malpractice

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The calamity of examination malpractice is not just the havoc it wrecks in our educational system but the gradual introduction of youths into the practice of fraud. Now so rampant, it has become a normal practical way of passing an examination; in simple terms these practices include linking of examination questions prior to writing, bribing of invigilating staff, possession of cheating material, impersonation and swapping of answer sheets after exams etc. examination malpractices can be defined as “cheating in the examination or any intention to benefit or give undue advantage to oneself or another by deceit or fraud, before, during and after examination”.

In this Essay, I will discuss the long term effects of examination malpractices on the education system and the economy, then give an explanation on how educational psychologists could offer some help to curb the problem.

Owing to these malpractices in universities, examination results tend to give a false picture of the state of affairs, a good number of school graduates cannot defend the grades obtained in examinations (Ada, 2004). Thus, many doubt the quality of graduates from the educational system, leading to the questioning of the validity and reliability of the examinations as well as the authenticity of the results and certificates obtained.

Furthermore, the education system is weakened with time, as its academic standards are lowered; Palmer (1999) says, “with the passage of time, academic standards go low, lack of confidence in the educational system is what becomes of it, as ‘half-baked’ graduates are produced”, for example, institutions of higher learning (i.e. tertiary) that choose the ‘cream’ of students to enroll, end up with a lowered educational grade as these students cannot perform to the expected standard.

On the other hand as Examination malpractices are highly contagious, especially when...
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