Examination Good or Bad

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  • Published : September 5, 2011
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I pick the 'Good' Which apply that i agree examination is a good thing .as usual I am going to write in my style way which is kinda bashing/question the things a bit .fooling around have the speech-ish feelings in the first paragraph on my essay then later straight to my point .dont ask me why i love to write it in the way but maybe it just the way i love to write .writing effects and redirect your personalities ? I guess so ? I put all the statements that i think it will really get my essay higher scores that usual .I call those points real facts because it does .Here is what i write [if what i remember what i state but i will try my best to write down all in here] I wrote that if there's no exam in our life .everything will stuck .there's is no determination in our life .there's no such prove of our knowledge .people study without a thing to get memorable .Exam also will be a wakeup call for certain people because it will be a kind of force to push us doing the things future in our life .learn the life time lesson more than what we could learn from the books .examination is something that we can have a memory stock experience in life .everything is important .it also let us know that if you wants great results then we must study hard to get those .the slogan about there's no free lunch in this world .so we gotta workhard and achieve what we believe and what we want !! Same time it also one of the identiti in us