Exam Skills- Preparation and Technique

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  • Published : October 28, 2010
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Exam Skills – Preparation and Technique

Task 2)

There are many various revision techniques that we could use to achieve better results in our exams, one common method is to read the notes you have written during lessons and keep reading these notes over and over again. Another resource is revision guides which will contain examples and explanations for the topic, some may also contain questions for which the answers are provided in the guide too. There is also the group method, where you would all discuss the topic and share ideas, everyone can test each others knowledge by asking and answering questions within the group. The internet can also be used as there will be many sites on the chosen topic and forums where you can discuss subjects with people globally, and there will be websites where you can do practise questions. Lastly, a good way to test your knowledge of the topic is to do a mock paper which can be an exam paper from previous years.

Task 3)

The first thing that should be done when starting an exam is to ensure that you read through the questions to get an idea of which questions will be easier than others. When reading the questions, you must read thoroughly and ensure that you are understanding the instructions from the questions. It is wise to answer the questions you find easiest first and leave the more difficult questions to do last. If time is starting to run out during the exam, you should look for the questions that can be done in the quickest time and also give shorter length answers/paragraphs. It is best to check over your work when you have completed all the questions, so it is best to try and get each question done in a certain amount of time, if you find yourself struggling with a question, it should be left until the end so that you can come back and do it.

Task 4)

The results of your exam will demonstrate that you followed the instructions correctly and by the amount of questions completed, you will know weather...
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