Exam Presentation English B

Topics: Fiction, Narrator, Narrative Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Exam presentation – English B
What we test:
your language skills
your ability to understand
your ability to make an analysis and interpretation
your ability to relate the text to other texts

In your 24 hours of preparation time you can draw in all the help you can get: Uncles, Internet, dictionaries – and the texts in the course materials The oral exam: You make a 10-minute presentation – the rest is conversation in which your teacher asks questions and supports you in clarifying points. The total exam time is approx. 25 minutes, but can be shorter. Don’t forget: The teacher is on your side!

Your manuscript should be talking points, not text that you read aloud. It is your English-speaking ability that is being tested. The presentation.
1. Tell us what points you want to include – mention texts from the course materials that you want to relate to. 2. A plot summary in its briefest form – the theme of the text/ the central content/the message 3. Analysis:

Fiction – characterization, composition (the build-up of the text), setting (including social level), narrative technique (point of view, narrator’s comments etc. Message or central point - language points, style, metaphors… Non-fiction – what kind of text, the context (who tells what to whom in what medium), attitude, intention, message. Argumentation (how the writer/speaker wants to convince). Stylistic points. This is where you show your ability to think for yourself!

4. Relate to other texts.
This is where you show us that you have done your homework!
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