Exam Paper Stage 3 Counselling

Topics: Emotion, Respect, Defence mechanism Pages: 10 (3022 words) Published: October 30, 2012

NCFE Level 3 Award in Counselling Skills And Theory (500/6328/5)

4 WEEKS EXAM PAPER Paper Ref; P000179

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Answer to Question 1a
Unconditional Positive Regard – Congruence – Empathy
Unconditional Positive Regard means to me, putting no conditions on the working relationship between you and the client, it's looking for and bringing out the positive side of the client. Showing you care, to listen in a none- judgemental caring way. It's allowing the client to talk about what ever they wish at that moment without feeling judged. Regard, to make the client feel equal to show your interest and care. Congruence and Empathy Understanding congruence and empathy is putting yourself in the clients shoes. Congruence, to be honest and open with the client and for them to feel they are on the same level, this will hopefully allow the client to be more open, it's about being real and genuine it's about being there and showing you care. I believe these conditions are needed to make change, without these conditions being present a healing relationship cannot form. An empathic understanding is established through active listening to the client, really understanding as if you were the client showing genuineness understand and being there to give support. Unconditional positive regard

Jamie mother : I would find this character quite difficult to demonstrate unconditional positive regard, its because that she seems to hold very different opposing views to myself. Personally has a career woman who has run her own business and values education, I would find it challenging to try to approach someone on the same level and with such deep rooted old-fashioned views. Congruence

Isabel : I would find it quite easy to display congruence with Isabel. I have the same views i.e. I would not terminate a pregnancy as myself being a mother, I know the kind of thoughts and feelings that Isabel's would be experiencing about this issue. Empathy

Sam; I could emphasise with Sam losing his mother, he feels like he has let her down and perhaps needs some reassurance and some one to understand how he feels. It would be easy for me to reflect back to Sam with some of is issues of guilt and loss, as at times, I too have experienced similarfeelings. (358 Words) Sam

Answer to Question 1b
Sam: I have chosen Sam because he appears to have lots of different issues to deal with. I would use person centred because most of his issues appear to fit in the here and now. This will benefit him by using the core conditions to deal with loss i.e. loss of bereavement with his mother - his sister's loss for not having an healthy child and the up and coming


EXAM PAPER Paper Ref; P000179

conflict with his wife regarding having another baby. Although the issues around having another child might be best dealt with in a more CBT approach, I'm saying this because he has such fixed views about terminating the pregnancy if there was any deformity present with the child, i dont beleave that PCA would help as much. But by keeping within person centred, will help Sam to become fully functional again. By building an helping relationship of using an empathic understanding, and showing him unconditional positive regard and congruence, this will help sam to be able to explore himself and figure out for him self on how to be able to move forwards. (188 Words)

The psychodynamic concept of defence mechanisms
Answer to Question 2a
( i )
We have three major systems of our personality this is the ID, ego and superego. This is a way that we protect ourselves from things we don't want to think about or deal with today. When we suffer from anxiety this is when the ego creates a defence mechanisms to protect ourselves. We unconsciously have set up with in us defence mechanisms such as repression denial and projection Repression is an unconscious way of hiding uncomfortable thoughts. Denial is probably one of...
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