Exam Paper for Mud Engineers

Topics: Viscosity, Petroleum, Mud engineer Pages: 4 (498 words) Published: April 20, 2013
TEST (Marks: 50)
1: Answer the following1x10

i). What does API stand for?

a) American petrochemical institute

b) Assam petroleum institute

c) American petroleum institute

d) None of the above

ii). which of the following is desirable for a good filter cake?

a) Thick, low permeability

b) Thin, high permeability

c) Thick, high permeability

d) Thin, low permeability

iii). which of the following chemical is NOT used as a fluid loss control additive?

a) Starch

b) CMC

c) Bentonite

d) Pipe lax

iv). Carboxymethyl cellulose undergoes thermal degradation above

a) 150 0F

b) 250 0F

c) 350 0F

d) 450 0F

v). Barites can be used in mud as

a) Fluid loss control agent

b) Viscosifier

c) Weighing agent

d) Both a and b

vi). Write true or false

a) Spersene and XP-20 are chemical thinners

b) Static filter cakes are thicker and thinner than dynamic filter cake

c) Bentonite can be used in saline environment.

d) PAC(R), used as fluid loss control additive, is a synthetic polymer

vii). Sodium bentonite is a member of …………..group of clays.

2. What is a Drilling fluid? What are the different types of drilling fluid? Write six functions of drilling fluid.1+1+2

3. Write the units of the following parameters:

Plastic viscosity, Yield point, Marsh Funnel viscosity, Mud weight½ x 4

4. What are the factors that PV depends upon? 2

5. Maintenance of pH in drilling fluid is important, why? State reasons. 2

6. What is thickening time of cement? Name the additives used in cement slurry with examples. 1 + 3

7. Suppose we have to drill a well of 4600m. Draw a schematic diagram of the different stages of drilling mentioning the hole size,...
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