Exam Movie Review

Topics: Question, God, English-language films Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Mary Jann Kestle Z. Tamayo
Chem 5 YA/ Biochemistry- Ms. Melannie A. Sabellano
September 13, 2010
Exam Reflection Paper
The movie centers on eight candidates who aspires to join or be employed on a mysterious and powerful corporation. Entering an isolated and exclusive room, the Invigilator gave the eight candidates eighty minutes to answer one simple question. He emphasized three rules they must obey or be disqualified: don't talk to him or the armed guard by the door, don't spoil their papers and don't leave the room. He started the clock and left the room. The eight candidates hurried to look at their papers but found out that each of their papers is completely blank. The candidates agreed to help each other to find the question and compete to answer it. They suspected that the question might be written in their papers but only hidden. They thought that changing the environment they are at will reveal or expose the hidden question. But light, liquids and other plans resulted to nothing. As the clock is nearing zero, the candidates were slowly diminishing in number due to violations committed thus, disqualification. At the last minutes of the time, only the characters of White, Black and Blonde were left. In the end it was the character of Blonde, who recalled the words of the character of Deaf and using light scattering found that on the back of the paper only 'Question 1' was written, when the Invigilator asked "Any Questions?", she gave the right answer "No". It was later revealed that Deaf was the founder of that pharmaceutical company, and the bullet that injured Black contained a special cell regeneration drug in capsule which allowed Black to recover from the bullet injury. In the end, Blonde accepted the job.

The movie talks about making and choosing the right decisions in life. It talks about finding ways to solve certain problems and thinking first of the possible consequences of decisions made before actually deciding to do \them. Also in a...
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