Exam Malpractice

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The grace to succeed and avoid frustration and the embarrassment associated with failure have made students engage in examination malpractices and thus have threatened the very foundations of our educational system. Examination malpractices which started off as a minute issue has over the years grown into a full fledge vice in the academic world with different method of perpetuating the act being invented with the passage of time. The issue has become so popular that it has almost become a culture among the students starting from the basics (Nursery and Primary) to even the advanced (post graduate) level. In light of this one is forced to begin to ask pertinent questions. What exactly is responsible for all these? Who is to be blamed? What can be done to save the situation? Among many others. It this barrage of barrage of questions that this write up is out to tackle. To make this write up easy to understand and less ambiguous, we shall begin by defining some key terms used. 1.1 Definition of terms

According to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, an examination is formal written, spoken of college, to see how much one knows about a subject one can do. According to Ade Kate (1993), examination are assessment of knowledge both in skills and specific area of students and overall academic achievement.

Alutu (2005) simply defined examination as a process of measuring how much knowledge a student in an institution of learning has acquired exposing him or her to definite course of instruction. Drawing upon all these definitions, examination can rightly be said to be indispensable tool in our educational system. In fact, examination serves various functions. Functions of examination

1.They are used to determine student’s grades and award of certificates to candidates. 2.It serves as a means of selecting the best candidates for various purposes. 3.Examination helps lecturers to evaluate their own work. If student’s performance in examination is encouraging, then it indicates that the lecturer’s method of teaching/lecturing is appropriate and effective. 1.1.3 Meaning of examination malpractice

Examination is construed as irregularities, violation of, or infringement on examination rules and regulations before, during or after the conduct of examination (2005/2006) student handbook of information, Auchi polytechnic. Auchi Alutu(2008) defines examination malpractice as involving a deliberate act of wrong doing contrary to official examination rules and is designed to place a candidate at an unfair advantage. Examination malpractice has graduated from mere stretching of the neck (giraffing) to see what another candidate is writing during exam or consulting unauthorized notes or books inside or outside the examination hall to such sophisticated methods as the use of micro-computer, mobile phones and guns to intimidate those concerned with the administration of exams. 1.2History of exam malpractice

The very date and place exam malpractice started in the world is not known but it could be said to be one of the fall-outs of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, when Satan deceived Adam and Eve to sin. Satan sowed this ugly seed which germinated into various forms of sin and vices including examination malpractice.

In Nigeria, however, examination malpractice became prominent in the 1970’s, when youths who were in colleges and universities before the advent of the Nigerian cold war in 1967 who were conscripted into the army during the war, came back at the end of the war in 1970 and went back to the schools to continue with their education. These youth who understand the language of the trigger of the gun more than what the teacher was saying were not psycho-centrally stable and Prepared for of passing the examinations and so resorted to alternative means of passing the exams such as...
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