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MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY Directorate of Distance and Continuing Education Tiurnelveli – 627012 Instructions relating to M.B.A. – 2 years course 1. There are eight papers in each year to complete the M.B.A. program through Distance Education (2years) from the academic year 2008-09 onwards. 2. Each paper is evaluated for 100 marks with two components, viz., Internal for 20 Marks and year and External Examination for 80 Marks. 3. Internal Marks are awarded to the students based on a written assignment submitted by the student, on answering two specific questions for each paper. Each question will carry 10 marks and the assignment is compulsory. 4. The answer for each question must be in writing (either handwritten or type written) not exceeding five pages of A4 size paper. Each assignment (not exceeding 10 pages) must be stapled with the first page containing: paper code, the title of the paper along with the Name of the student as well as his/her Enrolment Number. 5. Practical examples and explanation with graphical representation will add more weightage, Original thoughts and execution will be duly rewarded and plagiarism in any form will be viewed very seriously. 6. The assignments should be submitted to the Director, DD&CE, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli -627 012 on or before December 31 for December exams and May 31st for May exams each year.

MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY Directorate of Distance & Continuing Education Tirunelveli – 627 012 ASSIGNEMENT TOPICS FOR 2012 (For those joined in Calendar Year – 2012) M.B.A. I YEAR DRM : 11. MANAGEMENT PROCESS & BEHAVIOUR 1. Explain Organisational change Illustrate with examples. 2. Critically analyse the training techniques adopted by modern organizations.


1. Explain Balance of Payments in detail. 2. Explain different methods of pricing.

DRM: 13. ACCOUNTING FOR MANAGERS 1. Describe Financial Statement Analysis. 2. Discuss budget and its types. DRM: 14. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 1. Explain the sickness of small scale and Cottage Industries in Tamil Nadu at present. 2. Analyse the concept of Business ethics and Culture. DRM: 15. BUSINESS LAW 1. Explain Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)

2. Bring out the essential elements of a valid contract.

DRM: 16. MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION 1. Describe the barriers of effective communication. 2. Short Notes on (i) Agenda (ii) Minutes (iii) Resolutions (iv) Seminars (v) Conferences. DRM: 17. COMPUTER APPLICATION IN MANAGEMENT. 1. Explain the application of computers in Financial accounting system of an organization. 2. Discuss the uses of Personal Computers in Business. DRM: 18. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 1. Explain the types of sample designs. 2. Short Notes on (i) Case Study (ii) Pilot Study (iii) Editing (iv) Coding (v) Executive Summary



DRM: 21. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 1. Critically Examine the selection process of IT sector in India. 2. Discuss Labour Welfare measures used for employees in an organization with which you are familiar? DRM: 22. MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1. Explain the stages in the Product Life Cycle with examples. 2. Write Short Notes on (i) Online marketing. (ii) Green marketing. DRM: 23. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 1. Explain Capital Budgeting and its methods. 2. Discuss the theories of Capital Structure. DRM: 24. OPERATION MANAGEMENT 1. Examine the inventory control system. 2. What are all the steps involved in Work Study. DRM: 25. DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM 1. Explain the Components of Decision support system.

2. Write Notes on (i) Graphics (ii) Multimedia DRM: 26. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 1. Discuss the types of FDI. 2. Explain the procedure for procurement in International Operations.

DRM: 27. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT 1. Describe Corporate Social Responsibility. 2. Explain BCG Approach. DRM: 28. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND MANAGEMENT OF SMALL BUSINESS 1. Explain the functions and Qualities of Entrepreneurs. 2....
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