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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Time:2 hrs 40 mins Marks:80

SECTION “B” ( Short-Answer Questions ) NOTE: Answer any 10 questions. (50) 2. (i) How appropriate and suitable is the title of James Thurber’s sardonic story “ The Day The Dam Broke”?

(ii) What motive does the man have for murdering Mrs Judy Okentubb ? (iii) What is the significance of the last stage of man’s life in the poem “Seven Ages of Man”?
(iv) “Ignorance of future is a blessing of God” .Discuss with reference to Pope’s poem lines “ An Essay On Man”.
(v) What message has been conveyed in the poem “ Say not the struggle not availeth”? (vi) What main diffence does Liaquat Ali Khan point out between Muslims and Hindu belief ?

(vii) Describe how two Rudolfs met in the forest of Zenda (viii) Give in your own words the theme of the poem” Ulysses”. (ix) What are the significant qualities of “A Man of Life Upright” according to Thomas Campion ?

(x) Give a sketch of male character in “ Twenty minutes with Mrs Judy Okentubb”

(xi) What is the concept of freedom with Liaquat Ali Khan and how can that freedom be achieved ?
(xii) How is Rudolf Ressendyll trapped to impersonate as king Rudolf ?

(xiii) What has inspired William Wordsworth to compose the poem “Solitary Reaper”? (xiv) Use any five idioms in your sentences:
To turn down, in black and white , bosom friend , to keep in dark , to smell a rat, a red letter day , to come across , to give up . (xv) Change the narration of the...
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