Topics: Design, Implementation, Three-dimensional space Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Total Marks 100

Read the case ‘Corus: Overcoming Barriers to Change’ and answer the questions that follow.

a.Analyze the type of change being introduced at Corus. [05 Marks] b.Identify and comment on the imperatives [factors], both internal and external, that have moved Corus towards change. Which among these was the ‘tipping point’? [10 Marks] c.What barriers to change existed at Corus? Analyse the approaches Corus used to overcome these barriers. [10 Marks] d.Comment on Corus’s domain of organizational activities that represent its ‘deep structures’. Do these structures lead to loosely coupled fields or tightly coupled fields? Explain how couplings may affect change at Corus. [10 Marks] e.Create an organizational diagnostic model that can be used to identify issues and recommend change at Corus. What components in the model needs to be changed and why? [20 Marks] f.Analyze the type of intervention used at Corus and comment on its appropriateness? As an Organizational Change Specialist how would you redesign the intervention using the Three-Dimensional Model [Diagnosed Issue, Level & Depth]. [15 Marks] g.Describe the methods/techniques that Corus’s change agents used to implement the change process? What recommendations would you make as an Organizational Change Specialist to improve the implementation process? [10 Marks] h.Recommend a set of measures that can enhance the sustainability of change at Corus. [10 Marks] i.What criteria did Corus set up to evaluate the change process? In the hind sight were they appropriate? [10 Marks]
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