Exam 1 Philosophy

Topics: Free will, Metaphysics, Determinism Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: March 12, 2013
“God is Dead”
The philosopher that said this phrase is Nietzsche and it continues with “humans have killed him.” This interpretation is what humans have done to the world through the decline of religion. Cosmological Argument

The philosopher that came out with this argument was St. Thomas Aquinas and he explains the existence of an "unconditioned" or "supreme" being such as God that created the universe. Soft Determinsim:

states that every event has a cause, but there are some free actions, and that determinism leaves room for free will. Cogs in a Universe
Baron d’Holbach’s is the philosopher that mentioned that we are “Cogs in the Universe” and that nature controls our destiny from beginning to the end so man is stripped of free will. * Short answer questions:

Whose argument addressing “Theodicy” is most convincing, and why?  
According to John Hosper, why are we not free?
John Hospers is a twentieth century philosopher who believed that man’s actions are not determined by freewill, but by the unconscious mind. Hospers believed that man was not free to make choices, but predestined by his past experience and it’s influence on our unconscious development. According to Robert Kane, what is the difference as well as relationship between surface and deep freedom? Surface freedom is defined as freedom to perform types of actions, freedom to pursue our desires which differs from deep freedom which is a power or ability to make decisions and perform actions and is considered to be “free will” that has moral responsibility. Exam Questions:

1) Which do you think is more convincing of the arguments for the existence for God, the ontological (St. Anselm), the cosmological (St. Thomas Aquinas), or the teleological (William Paley) arguments, and why? I believe that the most compelling argument for the existence for god would come from the teleological agreement. The teleological argument states that because the universe and the world is...
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