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phoenix Advertising
Interoffice memorandum
DATE: September 21, 2012
TO: Maryellen Kramer, Managing Director; Alan Merch, Planning Director; Sara Lee, Creative Director FROMVice President of Human Resources
SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Update
In the last couple of months, there have been a few clients that have made complaints about the advertising work that’s been produced by the Roanoke Branch. There has been a change in management recently and a couple of the copywriters made it apparent that their work is no longer being received well. This matter demands immediate attention, as the Roanoke branch services some of the companies’ most valuable clients and there needs to be a solution so we can succeed. The executive team must contact the Roanoke branch employees to oversee the operations there and help guide them to correct some issues. Communication is a must! We will have Sara Lee speak with the graphic designers and the copywriters to evaluate the work that they have submitted and the revisions that were made by their art director. While that is taking place Maryellen Kramer will assess the new accounts that the branch has chosen to take on recently and evaluate the effects that these new accounts will have on the current project workload. While all that is taking place, Alan Merch will develop a plan for the new accounts creating a plan for the project workload that is causing the staff to work long hours. A report detailing your findings and procedures is expected in my office no later than September 28, 2012. Once the reports have been reviewed individually, I will hold a meeting of the executive officers to review the status of the Roanoke branch on October 1, 2012. If we all work together I am positive that we can resolve all the issues and ensure the success of the Roanoke Branch and the clients will be very pleased. Copies:

Executive Team
Gregory S. Forest, President;
Mike Thompson, Chief Executive;
Jeffery Simons, Chairman;
Leah Smith,...
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