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The Gurkhas
“Bravest of the the Brave ,most generous of generous , never had a country more faithful friends than you.Sir Ralph Turner MC,3rd Queen Alexander’s Own Gurkha Rifles .1931 Better dead than a live coward . Gurkha prove.

The name “Gurkha ” comes from the hill town of the gorkha from which the Nepalese kingdom had expanded. If there was a minute’s silence for every gurkha causalty from world war || alone ,we would have to keep quiet for two weeks.”Gurkha welfare trust. Former chief of staff of the Indian Army field Marshal sam Maneskshaw once famously said about Gurkhas :(If a man is not afraid of dying than he is either lying or he is Gurkha.) Fearsome Gurkhas have been part of the British Army for almost 200 years, but who are these Nepalese fighters?

Title taken from “gurkha”,also known as “gorkhali”. Other name for valor, courage, steadfastness, loyalty, neutrality and impartiality come from the small principality of Gurkha, which by the middle of the 18th century had conquered most of what is today known as Nepal. Prithivi Narayan Shah the king of Gorkha and his successors became so powerful that they overran the whole of the hill country from the border of Kashmir to the east of Bhutan. Turning south, they began to raid into Much of the question has been answered in reference to the Khukuri because without one the other is nothing. The appellation Gurkha by now the the territories of Britain’s Honorable East India Company. This was a situation that could not be tolerated by “John Company”, which declared war against the Gurkhas in 1814. There followed a series of bloody campaigns until a peace treaty was signed in the spring of 1816. The British, after seeing how bravely these small statured Gorkhalis fought and also with the possession of most of the quality that makes an ideal infantrymen, they made a provision in the treaty to recruit them in the British Army as the Brigade of Gurkhas. Since then many Nepalese, mostly the Rai’s , Limbus, Gurungs and Magar have served and still serve in the British Army. Their courage, sincerity and loyalty have won them praise and friendship from their counterparts and fear and respect from their enemies. For their valor, many Gurkha soldiers have been decorated with medals of honor, including the Victoria Cross, the highest military honors for bravery in the British Army.

The Gurkhas History
Gurkhas claim descent from the Hindu Rajputs and Brahmins of Northern India, who entered modern Nepal from the west. Guru Gorkhanath had a Rajput Prince-disciple, the legendary Bappa Rawal, born Prince Kalbhoj/Prince Shailadhish, founder of the Royal house of Mewar, who became the first Gurkha and is said to be the ancestor of the Royal family of Nepal.

The majority of the early Gurkhas were from the Thakuri/Rajput (which includes the Shah dynasty and Rana dynasty of Nepal), Chetri and Brahmin ethnic groups, whereas the modern Gurkha soldiers are mainly from the Limbu, Rai, Gurung and Magar ethnic groups. They joined the Gurkhas during 17th century expansion of the Gurkha kingdom.[4] However, even today the Thakuris and Chetris make up the majority of Gurkha officers in Nepal, while the backbone of the Gurkha army is mainly Limbu, Rai, Gurung and Magar people, this combination of warriors from different ethnic groups made the Gurkhas a dominant military force in the history of the Indian subcontinent since the 18th century.

Sri Panch (5) Maharaja Dhiraj Prthivi Narayan Shahdev

The legend states that Bappa Rawal was a teenager in hiding, when he came upon the warrior saint while on a hunting expedition with friends in the jungles of Rajasthan. Bappa Rawal chose to stay behind, and care for the warrior saint, who was in deep meditation. When Guru Gorkhanath awoke, he was pleased with the devotion of Bappa Rawal. The Guru gave him the Kukri (Khukuri) knife, the famous curved blade of the present day Gurkhas.The legend continues that he told Bappa that he and his...
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