Topics: Felony, Assault, Crime Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Justin Reid
Dr. Austin
College Writing I
16 November 2012
Inexcusable Actions
Murder, rape, aggravated assault, kidnap, and many other crimes are examples of what numerous felons committed. Currently there are almost 5 million people that are unable to vote due to felonies they have committed. Some serve their time, leave prison, and live the rest of their lives as a free man or women. However, due to having felonies on their record, ex-felons have hard time acquiring anything to get their feet out of water. For example, felons have risked their right to acquire: jobs, loans, but especially risked their civic duty : the right to vote. Felons are deprived from voting because they committed a heinous or serious offense, losing their rights and privileges as an American citizen. Felons are questioned to be able to vote because of the inability to make rational decisions. Instead of being patient or persistent with a job they are trying to acquire, they repeat the crimes that landed them in prison in the first place. In the end, why should felons be allowed the right to vote when they disregard others, the law, and consequences society has to offer? Disenfranchisement laws were not in place to oppose on others just because of their race, skin, or sex orientation, but for the crimes they committed. These laws were in place to punish those who thought it was “ok” to jeopardize others way of living. The crime can range from others finances to physically hurting the intended person; however, any crime no matter what the circumstances is unacceptable. In a way these laws are like government’s way for the biblical term: “an eye for an eye.” Evidently, disenfranchisement is a friendly reminder for ex-cons and their actions. As stated before, felons are the ones that commit a very serious crime against others. Whether it is armed robbery or murder these crimes are not taken lightly. On almost all job applications that is available will always ask the...
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