Ex-Convicts Deserve a Second Chance

Topics: Sociology, Crime, Convict Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Secondary 4 Social Studies
Social Documentary Essay
Should Singapore give ex-convicts a second chance in terms of job employment? I agree to a large extent to the statement that, in the Context of Singapore, ex-convicts should be given a second chance in terms of employment. Firstly, when ex-convicts are not given an equal chance in employment, they will fall back into the viscous cycle of crime and imprisonment. In many cases of crimes, such as theft and drug abuse, are caused as a result of the social, financial and physiological effects of poverty or poor financial status. In some cases, the convicts were not in good financial status originally but in other cases, where the financial status of the ex-convict is good originally but somehow ended up as a convict, will also end up in poor financial status as they will soon deplete their money due to the lack of income. In either case, by not giving equal chance for ex-convicts in terms of employment, they will end up having poor financial status, since Singapore is not a welfare society. This will force the ex-convicts to find other methods to survive and to support their families. Unfortunately, often, these methods include returning back into criminal activities as other doors are closed. Hence, to prevent such relapse, we must forgive and give these ex-convicts a second chance so they will be encouraged to not return to their criminal past, turn over a new leaf and actively contribute to the society. Secondly, considering the core values of meritocracy and equal chances for all, on which Singapore is built, it is only right to give the ex-convict a second chance.

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