Evolution vs. Creationism

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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Evolution vs. Creationism
by Verda Kamal
The origin of mankind has been a topic of interest for everyone, from a microbiologist to the layman, for hundreds of years. Different theories had been postulated to explain it but none of them elucidated the process as well as the theory proposed by Charles Darwin in 1859 known as ‘The Darwin Theory.’ The latter came as a shock to the monotheistic religious groups who believed a divine power to be responsible for the creation of humanity rather than just an evolutionary process. The Catholics were one such religious group which, while opposing ‘The Darwin Theory’ conducted research to scrutinize the idea in detail. The Darwin Theory is accepted globally and is an integral part of the students’ textbooks but some of its aspects still seem dubious and it seems to go against the teachings of Catholicism i.e. altogether denies the existence of the Omnipotent and Omnipresent God Almighty. The Darwin Theory bases its concept on three main ideas: microevolution, natural selection and speciation. Microevolution is concerned with mutations in the DNA of an organism who, in this case, is a human. Natural selection brings out the notion of ‘the survival of the fittest.’ In the same way, speciation deals with the emergence of an altogether new species which is unable to mate with a member of its previous species (Evolution of Man-Theory Concepts). So basically, Darwin stated that the similarities between humans and chimpanzees (or apes) are not due to coincidence but are present due to the fact that both of them evolved from a common ancestor. On the other hand, ‘The Theory of Creationism’ portrays a totally different picture. According to the Catholic Christians, God is the sole Creator of man and the process of creation is not that easy to explain as it is not the work of a human being but the work of someone divine. The supporters of the ‘Darwin Theory’ claim that they have sufficient support for the theory from the...
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