Evolution: Science and Religion

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  • Published : April 27, 2005
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Evolution: Science and Religion
In 1895 Charles Darwin published a book describing his theory of evolution, and his theory of the natural selection process. This theory caused much uproar in the religious community because Darwin's theory went against the story of creation portrayed in the Holy Bible. His theory claimed that all life currently in place had evolved and adapted from a single organism in the beginning. Over time and by process of natural selection only the dominant species were left over while the other, less dominant species, went extinct. His theory, backed by scientific analysis, had dismissed the idea of a single deity creating all life on Earth. It is not like Darwin had a personal agenda against religion or anything, but he did create what would become the main evidence used by atheists to disprove the Bible. Now his theory is still theory, and is yet to be proven as a fact, but is still believed by much of the scientific society as a fact. The struggle between the religious and the atheistic will rage for many years, but where the battle will cause the most damage is in the American school system. The thesis of this paper is, teachers must be required to teach evolution; which is already in place in the American school system, but teachers cannot be allowed to teach evolution as a fact, or evidence disproving the existence of a god. On top of all of that, they must as well allow the expression of opposing viewpoints. In the American school system there is a constant separation of Church and State. This separation is undisputedly good for keeping the civil rights of students in order. By not allowing the pressures of church in schools, people of power cannot abuse their power for religious preferences. Richard W. Garnett wrote in an article, "…the ‘separation of church and state' is crucial to any attractive vision of religious freedom (Garnett)". Teaching children unproven belief as a fact is just as bad as the forcing of religious beliefs on a student. In the end teachers must learn the importance of teaching evolutionary theories as theory only, and never as actual fact.

The clash of creationism and evolution has begun once again. On one side sits the Christians and believers of the Holy Bible as a literal piece of history; on the other side sits scientists who dismantle any belief in any sort of God. The battles are not fought physically, but in the court systems of America. In the article "Creationists and The Grand Canyon" found in the Humanist, Glenn Branch talks about how creationists and scientists are fighting about the creation of the Grand Canyon. They are specifically fighting about whether or not the flood of Noah had anything to do with the creation of the Grand Canyon (Branch). But the most common hot topic is consistently evolution vs. creationism. Often enough the fanatics of each side are fighting to remove or push evolution as a teaching in the school system. But through the First Amendment the scientific side has found much more favor in the court systems. Because of the separation of church and state in our school systems the religious groups have been shut down numerous times. For one example, in the article "Twenty Questions: What Have the Courts Said about the Teaching of Evolution and Creationism in Public Schools?" Randy Moore, Murray Jensen, and Jay Hatch wrote, "the popularity of creationism is irrelevant to the question of whether it should be taught in public schools" (Moore, et al). This is very understandable to keep religious beliefs and ideas out of American schools, but still teachers push their beliefs of atheism backed by science onto their students, whether intentional or not. Most likely it is unintentional, but most classes lack to reiterate that evolution is still only a theory. Atheism, even though there is no bible or group gathering is still a religion. Pushing the beliefs of atheism is the same as pushing Catholicism or Hinduism onto students. By teaching...
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