Evolution Research Paper

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  • Published : October 30, 2008
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The thought of evolution is great one filled with theories, ideas and beliefs of how beasts became magnificent creatures, how the moons and the stars make the night sky endlessly beautiful, and how humans came to walk the earth. Where did it all begin? The Thought and theory of evolution started with Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection which basically states that the “fittest” survive then reproduce and evolve by weeding out the weak genes and passing down the strong genes that are helpful to the animal and change it into something else; for instance, a fish becoming a bird. His theory itself has evolved and is known as Darwinism. In the beginning of his research and studies he was disregarded in the world of science until his first book, Origin of Species, put evolution into perspective. Therefore, evolution has been gradually accepted all throughout the world. Even tough this theory is accepted doesn’t mean that there is evidence supporting it or that there isn’t a lot of controversy surrounding it. It just means most people believe it. What exactly is evolution? There are many theories with the same basic idea of evolution but the one most people think of when they think of evolution is biological evolution. This is the change of a population’s inherited traits from generation to generation. There are quit a few people that do not believe theses theories and have simple but vary logical reasoning on why evolution is wrong. Two men both highly educated contributed to a book called Darwinism under the microscope one of the men, Mark Hartwig, Ph.D. states in the book that there is no convincing data supporting evolution and when Darwin wrote his book he knew there wasn’t evidence to support his theory but he believed once paleontology became more developed the “intermediate links” would be found. Still after many years this still hasn’t happened. James P. Gills, M.D. states: Based on detailed observation of living things, I had come to feel the...
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