Evolution Reflection

Topics: Evolution, Charles Darwin, Natural selection Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: March 28, 2013
A controversial topic of discussion, evolution can invoke heated debate between individuals of a theistic background and persons of an atheistic approach. Those with a religious background tend to have a belief that God created the world and all the creatures upon the earth, and achieved this feat in the span of a few days. Cataclysms occur and biological changes happen due to a divine influence. Conversely, the non-religious view evolution as a scientific fact, and believe that natural selection has occurred over millions of years. Evolutionists see catastrophes as a product of the natural order of the Earth. Biological changes occur due to environmental factors over a progression of time.

I have always viewed evolution as fact. I believe that humans, and all creatures on this Earth, have developed through natural selection over millions of years. Evolution will continue to mold the future of the entire planet, despite the fact that we continue to try and thwart natural selection with modern medicine and science. Diseases have developed over time to control our population and to promote characteristics that will ensure our survival. According to the video, Natural Selection (Green, 2012), there are four principles to evolution. The first principle, variation, involves the adaptation of DNA of certain phenotypes so the species can be successful at surviving. The second principle discussed in the video, heritability, involves the ability of the species to pass on these traits to their offspring. Another principle, the struggle for existence, is also introduced in the video. Hank Green explains that this occurs when a species’ population grows too big for its environment. As a result, plague, famine, and/or war ensue to control the population growth. Lastly, the video propounds the principle of survival and reproductive rates. Mr. Green further describes those individuals with the most favorable traits will be able to reproduce more and survive...
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