Evolution of Wan

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WAN, or Wide Area Network, is a computer network that covers a broad area (i.e. any network whose communications links cross metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries. The first “wide area network” was created in 1965 when the inadequacy of the telephone network for running programs and transferring data was revealed. As an experiment, computers in Berkeley and MIT were linked over a low-speed dial-up telephone line to create the first wide area network. NASA, NSF, and DOE became heavily involved in Internet research and all three of these branches developed the first wide area network based on TCP/IP in the mid 1980s.

There are 4 Types of Wide Area Network connections; leased line connections, circuit switching connection, packet switching connection, and cell relay connection.
1. Leased line connection: A premium internet connectivity product, delivered over fiber normally, which is dedicated and provides un-contented, symmetrical speeds. An advantage of having a lease line connection is that it is the most secure connection. However, the disadvantage of the leased line is that it can be very expensive.

2. Circuit switching connection: A network that establishes a circuit between nodes and terminal before the user may communicate. The bit delay is constant during a connection because each circuit cannot be used by other callers until the circuit is released. An advantage of having a circuit switch connection is that it is the less expensive connection.The disadvantage of inflexibility tends to reserve it for specialized applications, particularly with the overwhelming proliferation of internet-related technology.

3. Packet switching connection: A digital network that groups all transmitted data into suitably-sized packets. Packets are buffered and queued resulting in variable delay and throughput depending on the traffic load in the network. Some advantages of using a packet switching connection is the bandwidth...
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