Evolution of Mother’s Love for Her Children

Topics: Poetry, Family, Literature Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Evolution of Mother’s Love for Her Children
A mother's love for her child is very altruistic. She will go through a lot just to make sure that her child is safe and healthy. Three poems that show how powerful a mother’s love for her child can be are "35/10" by Sharon Olds, "My Son the Man" by Sharon Olds, and "To a Daughter Leaving Home" by Linda Pastan. I think that these three poems portray beautifully how a mother feels about her child.

"35/10" written by Olds is a poem about a how the speaker, who is the mother talking to the father, feels about her daughter growing up. While brushing her daughter’s hair, the mother is noticing how beautiful her daughter's hair is which is making her realize that she is getting old. Brushing her daughter's hair reminds herself that she is getting old because her hair is no longer as brown and beautiful as her daughter's hair and how it is now starting to turn grey.

"My Son the Man," also written by Olds, is about a mother’s love with her son. Olds uses Houdini as an allusion to childbirth for her audience to get a better understanding of the situation. It is hard for the mother in this poem to let her son go so that he can become a man.

"To a Daughter Leaving Home" is another great poem written about mother/daughter relationships. In this poem, the mother is teaching her daughter how to ride a bike. As her daughter finally grasps the concept on how to ride a bike, her mother is expecting for her to crash. Instead of crashing her bike, the daughter is happily riding down the street, as her hair is flying in the air giving the image of her waving "good-bye" (lines, 21-25). Her daughter being able to ride the bike with no help from the mother is showing how her daughter is starting to become independent, and the mother does not like this feeling.

"35/10," "My Son the Man," and "To a Daughter Leaving Home" are all great poems expressing how much a mother cares about her children. Though there are many years that a child...
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