Evolution of Management Thought

Topics: Marketing, Sales, Business Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Corporate situation analysis
1. Overview of sales management(Group-1)
Q. Assume that you are a regional sales manager of Bajaj Auto limited. And you are asked by your General a manager(Sales and Marketing) to submit your sales force strategy and tactics to achieve an increase in sales volume by 20% for the next financial year( make assumption if required) 2. ? Sales territories and sales Quota(Group-2)

Q.Assume you are appointed as head of marketing of Saragam Aluminium Company, which is a new company, manufacturing and marketing aluminium extruded products, such as door, window and partition aluminium frames, heat sinks and control panels. Customers include household and business organisation. The factory is located in Hosur district of Tamil Nadu, and 38 kilometres from Bangalore. You are discussed with your CEO to initially focus sales and distribution efforts in southern regions, consisting of Karnataka, TN, AP, and Kerala. You are required to design sales territories to cover the four southern states. Describe how do you go about your task? 3. Distribution in sales management(Group-3)

Q.M/SMalhotra is a company making razorblades. They want to enter the market in Hyderabad and AP. Mr.Ramesh Kumar, their marketing manager, is one of the opinions that razor blades need selective distribution by a direct company distribution network. Discuss the merits of the suggestion and give right direction to Ramesh 4. Sales organising and staffing function

Q.What kind of organisational specialisation within sales department do you recommended for each of the following companies?(Group-4) a) The textile machinery manufacturing company diversifying into a consumer durable product such as auniquely designed table fan that can be used by household consumers and commercial firms initially in western India b) A SBU or business Unitof large company selling airconditioning and refrigeration products to households, cold storage and factories, commercial...
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