Evolution of Management

Topics: Management consulting, Project management, Problem solving Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: April 11, 2013
1. Consulting problem solving – the varied nature of problems: The consulting projects use a standardized approach since the beginning to the end by use of a well outlined series of activities, however, there are other projects which are unknown and need a goal which is believed to exist but its detailed nature and location are uncertain to the consultant. Therefore to make the problem solving effective and beneficial, the consultant should come up with specific boundaries to the area of study in which he should be careful in drawing, so that he/she does not focus on the wrong area. He/she should hence understand the client’s situation well first. 2. The various consultancy problems

In every consulting problem, there has to be specific techniques applied in order to reach to the solutions of the problems, for instance; a) An accountant might be called to advice on financial, tax and budgeting matters b) A construction consultant might be called to advice on the right materials, quality and quantity of materials required to put up a specific building c) An IT consultant might be called to advice on the choice of computer system or software to be used e.t.c. In each problem there requires technical techniques and a planned procedure to be followed. A consultant will be required to understand the current operations of the organization i.e. how it has been working, the procedure followed in their operations before getting down on addressing the problem 3. The structure of business problems

This is where every level of the business is preoccupied with its own strategy whereby the top executive is concerned with the direction of an organization, the middle management is concerned with the design of the infrastructure that helps in achieving the strategy, process design and operations, and the junior staff usually take action within this framework. The three levels are interdependent...
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