Evolution of Fashion

Topics: Philippines, Filipino people, Filipino language Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: March 6, 2013
TOPIC:The Evolution of Fashion in the Philippines


As you know, the Philippines had undergone a lot in the past generations. It was conquered by the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese. The researcher wants to know how these invasions influenced the fashion trend of the Filipinos during those times. She also wants to know the post-effects of those periods on Filipinos’ taste about fashion.

The researcher also loves fashion. For her, clothes are not just used to cover up her body; she believes dressing up is a form of art. Combining her curiosity and her love for fashion, the researcher came up with this study.


Filipinos exhibit colonial mentality. Their taste and preferences about fashion, music or even education had changed through some invasions in the Philippines. They think foreign products are always better than the locally made ones. This study shows how creative the Filipinos are by changing the fashion trend every now and then. This study encourages Filipinos to embrace their own culture, particularly in the field of fashion. This research also proves that Filipino fashion can compete with fashion in other countries. Locally made products can be famous worldwide, and Filipinos should not depend on foreign countries’ standards. This study is also important because Filipinos should learn the Philippines’ history and culture to understand the present happenings in the country and for them to know how to deal with these situations. This research also proves that Filipinos are very talented, artistic and skillful in any field especially in arts. With this study, aspiring Filipino designers can get some ideas that they can use to sketch new designs that can be well-known internationally. Aspiring Filipino designers can also get some inspiration from this study.


Philippine fashion evolved through different periods like the pre-colonial period,...
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