Evolution of Education

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We were nomads in early age of life. There has been a transformation in the evolution of mankind. Education is the one of the key factors that changed us what we are from the past. The elevation of past, present and future of human civilization is because in the exchange of knowledge and wisdom. Let’s see how the education evolved through the centuries.

The Mode of Education:
In the pre-historic period, the people educated orally and through observations from their ancestors. The knowledge enrichment to the next generation is done through folklore, stories, rhymes and alliteration. In centuries, they invented the writing form to mediate their knowledge. Later the human civilization developed the various form of writing around 3500 BC. The Egyptians used completely developed hieroglyphic prototype at 3400 BC. At this period papyrus (the paper like material) was invented to record their writing. Around 11th century Proto-Canaanite adapted from Egyptians hieroglyphics, which in turn developed the Phoenician writing script was adapted by Greeks. The Greek alphabet leads to the succession of developing Etruscan script had the descendant of Latin alphabet. The other descendant of Greek alphabet is Cyrillic alphabet influenced by Russians. The Hebrew and Aramaic script was adapted from Phoenician Script. In China, the Oracle Bone Script survived on oracle bones (Oracle bones are shell or bones of turtle and ox) evolved around 1400-1200 BC. Out of 2500 characters 1400 characters are identified. Of the Pre-Columbian Era the Maya script has been deciphered predominantly. Around the 2nd century, in South East Asia the Buddhist scriptures and Sanskrit language inscribed on palm leaves and parchments.

Evolution of Education:
In Ancient Times:
In Middle East, the Mesopotamians were trained on logographic system with limited number and hired for scribe. The female were supposed to take the household works and cooking. The...
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