Evolution of Crime

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  • Published : November 11, 2008
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Crime is an ever changing dilemma. One of the most effective ways society prepares and takes preemptive measures against crime is to study the patterns throughout the history of crime. Criminologists study many different aspects of crime and criminals alike. Some of the most important aspects to take into consideration are: Age, Economics and Gun-control. These are the most influential aspects of crime and should receive the most attention in order to better understand the reasons behind the crimes that are committed in today’s society.

According to Siegel, teens and adolescents are among the highest demographic in criminal arrests made in the United States. Why is that? There are many theories to explain this; lack of supervision seems to be the most logical and demonstrated reasoning for such. Qiana Houston stated that between the times of three and six in the afternoon, are when the highest arrests are made upon teenagers. This is understandable being that is when high school students are released and most working parents do not come home from their jobs until at least five or six in the evening, so the lack of supervision can clearly be seen there. Also, teens are at a period in their life where they strive to prove their independence, how does one do that? One of the easiest ways is to become financially independent. However, most businesses will not hire anyone under the age of sixteen, so how does someone under sixteen years of age become financially independent without work? This results in teens becoming involved in drug trafficking. Being underage has a significant advantage in the world of crime. If a minor is convicted, the penalty is substantially less than of an adult; this affects the risk versus reward balance and creates an incentive for minors. As stated before, Age is one of the biggest contributing factors of crime and most criminologists focus their efforts in providing results to detour the youth from the life of crime. The...
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