Evolution of Business

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Evolution of Business

By | March 2010
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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination: Jewish Immigration
Linda Lieberman
University of Phoenix - Axia College

The Jewish people have a long history of migrating to the United States for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are religious intolerance, war, pogroms, and discrimination. The first group of Jews coming into the United States was in 1654. Sephardic Jews were fleeing persecution by Portuguese rulers in Brazil because of religious intolerance (Thinkquest, n.d.). After this Jews came from several other countries for the same reason. Two years later the first Jewish community became established in the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam, later renamed New York. Many other Jewish communities were formed in North America thereafter. In the early eighteenth century Ashkenazic Jews arrived from Germany. When they arrived in the United States, they were not accepted by the Sephardic Jews. Children were disinherited when they married into the other sect. Both groups grew to become friends and formed their own colonies. Both of these groups of Jews living in American colonies had been persecuted by Christians until The Dutch West India Company, that owned the colony had several Jews on their board of directors. This company informed people Jews just wanted to make better lives for themselves. This helped other groups of people in the United States accept the Jews. Jews then became leaders in several areas. From the late nineteenth century until the early twentieth century brought the next wave of Jews. Jewish people immigrated to the United States because of the Turkish Revolution and the collapse of the Ottoman empire. Large groups of Syrian Jews came to the United States. Many Jews came from Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe because of pogroms, poverty and their being forced to go into the armed forces. World War I brought in the most Jews from Eastern Europe. Refugees fleeing Hitler arrived between 1933 through...

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