Evolution of Bashundhara Group

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Evolution and Strategic Moves of Bashundhara Group
Company Overview
Bashundhara Group has started its journey in 1987. After its first successful project, Bashundhara geared up to invest in new fields, including manufacturing, industrial and trading. More enterprises were established in the early 1990s. It has cement production, paper and pulp, tissue paper, steel, LP Gas bottling and distribution. The group experienced this tremendous growth in a span of less than 10 years.Current value of the total assets of the enterprises of Bashundhara Group would be about Tk. 15000 million equivalents to approximately US$ 300 million. Total turnover of the business amounts to around Tk. 16000 million equivalent to US$ 325 million. Strategic Moves

Since its inception in 1987, Bashundhara Group has been entered in in different business ventures. These Strategic Business Units (SBUs) of Bashundhara Group represent the strategic moves of the Group. The timeline of Bashundhara Groups strategic moves is given below: * 1987 - East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd. is the flagship company of Bashundhara Group, which was founded in 1987 to address the ever increasing housing needs of the citizens in Dhaka. * 1993 - Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited is a pioneer among the private sector paper producers in the country. * 1995 – Bashudhara Cement Factory was established to meet the growing domestic demand of cement. * 1995 -Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd is the first private LPG plant in the country. It has a higher production rate than any other filling station in Bangladesh. It possesses 3000MT storage capacity, which is the largest amount among all the LPG plant in Bangladesh. * 1999 -Bashundhara Steel Complex Ltd. was established for producing various steel products used in irrigation, natural gas-based industries and also for residential and commercial construction activities. * 2000 - Bashundhara Industrial Complex Ltd was established as part of cement...
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