Evolution of an Urban Area

Topics: United States, Minority group, Suburb Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: December 8, 2010
James L. Minter, III
PD 120
Assignment #2: Evolution of an Urban Area

Location: Atlanta, Ga. / Fulton County

I have chosen to do my research on the city of Atlanta, Georgia within Fulton County. Atlanta is the largest city within Fulton County and has significant value to the Black community. It is of interest to me as Black/Latino man who has been astonished by how quickly so many minorities have jumped at the opportunity to head south when we not so long ago were heading north at a record pace for the same reason, opportunity. I will discuss what I have read, researched, and learned from my own experiences as well. In this country, so many squirm at the very mention of the suburban “White Flight” of White persons buying suburban homes every since WWII. However, the fact remains that in this country no matter what race you are if you are presented with a better alternative for living and working you will gravitate towards that lifestyle. This is extremely evident in my research, as so many Blacks headed back to where their mother’s and father’s fled to either escape death, racism, slavery or was just simply looking for a job to make a living. Within my community the state of Georgia was not looked upon favorably, in fact, when I was a child, 40 years ago, it would have been considered just about crazy to leave progressive New York for the racist south, especially Georgia where cotton was a mainstay to the economy. Nowadays, it’s becoming just the opposite; the businesses are leaving for the south (along with the jobs) and the racism being experienced up north, I believe, is because of the shrinking market for jobs and the disdain for someone in a minority group “taking” what used to be “yours job”. So for those reasons, I’d like to take you on a journey to understand what Atlanta has become and why many Blacks affectionately refer it to as “Chocolate City”. Fulton County in 1900 had a population of 117,363 persons and has grown to 816,006 in...
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