Evolution and South America

Topics: Charles Darwin, Evolution, On the Origin of Species Pages: 2 (821 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Charles Darwin, explained the diversity of life and developed the modern theory of revolution. Also, together with Alfred Russel Wallace,he proposed the principle of natural selection.  He explained the natural selection as animals with variations better suited to their environment would have a better chance of survival and ability to breed. They would then pass on the favourable characteristics to their offspring.

An important event that led him to such discovery is the voyage on the Beagle. He sailed from Plymouth on the 27 December 1831 on a journey that was to take him many thousands of miles. During this voyage, especially in his visitation in Galapagos Island, he made observations that later helped him build the foundations for the theories and concepts. During his trip, he recorded and drew his observations and he collected fossils and specimens of plants and animals. After sailing from one sea to another, they reached the Galapagos Island in September 1835 and stayed for two months. There he made an extremely interesting observation. He discovered that the animals on the Galapagos Islands were not quite like the animals he had seen in South America. He also observed this to be the same with the many different types of finches on the islands. They were different from the finches he had seen in South America. He then found out something even more important. A tortoise or finch on one island was not quite like a tortoise or a finch on another island. By looking at the shell of a tortoise or the beak of a finch you could tell which island it had come from. All the finches had dull coloured feathers and short tails. The difference was they all had different beaks. While on one island, they had strong thick beaks for cracking open nuts and seeds. On another island, they had long thin beaks for catching insects. Darwin investigated to look for the answers of his questions. He wanted to know how they had arrived at the islands. He also wanted to know...
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