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The Theory of Evolution

One of the greatest questions of all time is: "Where did we all come from?" One of the most popular answers to this question is creationism, the idea that everything was created by a higher being. Another popular idea is evolution, the idea that all living organisms descended from a less complex organism. Evolution possesses a new way of thinking that is being greatly accepted by the scientific community, but not by pious groups of people. Creation and evolution are diametrically opposed. This debate between religion and science has its origin from the time when Charles Darwin first published the theory of evolution in his controversial 1859 book On the Origin of Species. Evolution is based on two underlying principles as suggested by renowned Charles Darwin: heredity and natural selection. Heredity is the principle that organisms pass on different combinations of their traits to their offspring. If an organism has strong traits that help it to survive, then its offsprings are likely to possess some of those same strong traits and be more likely to survive.  The second principle is natural selection, better known as "survival of the fittest." According to natural selection, the organisms with strong, "fit" traits are more likely to survive long enough to reproduce than are the organisms with weak, "unfit" traits; thus over time, the strong organisms will survive and the weak ones will die out.  In this way, only the strong traits that help organisms to survive will be preserved over long periods of time. There are four prominent scientists who are regarded as the creators of the idea of evolution. They are Charles Darwin, Jean Baptiste Lamarck, Alfred Wallace, and Robert Chambers. One of the most famous minds in the field of evolution was Charles Darwin. Darwin was not the first one to offer theories on evolution. There have been many scientists who preceded him. One of the evolutionists who came up with models of evolution was, Jean...
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