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  • Published: October 15, 2012
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Gaston Havandjian
Proffesor Hubbell
English Comp I
Essay Two
Did you know that in this exact moment people are being born without wisdom teeth? Probably after reading this you are thinking about how great will it be for these lucky ones not experiencing the pain you had to go through when those wise bones were growing out or the anxiety you felt the day the surgeon removed them for good. You also might be asking yourself a question: Why this is happening? The answer can be found in Charles Darwin's most important legacy: The Theory of Evolution.

Scientific research shows that wisdom teeth are vestigial molars that originally evolved in ancestral humans when our jaws were bigger and our diets included hardier plant material. Today our jaws are smaller and our diets changed significantly, and the reason why they must be removed is because their presence disrupt all the other teeth. Humans in the future will not need for professionals to remove their wisdom teeth anymore because nowadays 35 percent of people are already born without them and many others are born with just one, two or even three. This is an evolutionary explanation which proves that when a human trait is no longer necessary it disappears. Some other explanations analyze the beginning and evolution of a trait with a similar perspective.

Lets take a look to V.S. Ramachandran's work for example. Ramachandran is a prominent neurologist and a professor of psychology. As an author he published the book “Phantoms of the brain” (1999) and more than 180 papers in scientific journals. In one of this papers, “The Woman Who Died Laughing”, he argues that laughter is a trait that evolved in humans; a trait which “Allows an individual to alert in a social group that a detected anomaly is trivial, nothing to worry about. The laughing person in effect announces her discovery that there has been a false alarm” (Ramachandran 774)

How is it possible that something as trivial as laughter...
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