Evil in the World

Topics: Morality, Human, Free will Pages: 5 (1819 words) Published: April 9, 2013
God of Evil

Maybe the biggest question asked since the beginning of time, yet still remaining unanswered, is how our universe came into existence. As human nature, many people are devoted to believing that a God created all we have today. Others will debate that until the end of time. From what others have previously established about God, we have grown to believe that he is the all-powerful being. But if he is truly all-powerful, then why do we live in such tough conditions today? As Ernest Hemmingway states in his work A Moveable Feast, “All things truly wicked start from innocence.” If Ernest Hemmingway is correct with this statement, then where is God present in this world?

There are many theories proving and disproving God, but truthfully, none of them actually show evidence that God is real. People lose faith in God when life takes a right instead of turning left. The fact whether God exist should not play a large role in people’s lives. In order to live a just life, one must live life through the morals that God has sent down to us. Proving God to be real is an impossible feat, but living life the way he wants us to is quite simple, and evil is just apart of human nature.

What exactly is evil? According to the dictionary, evil is defined as, “Profoundly immoral and malevolent.” This definition does not provide us with a clear-cut answer on what evil actually consists of. In this definition, the word “immoral” does not bring much to the table. People grow up with very different morals. Depending how they grew up, humans all develop their own sense of what is right, and what is wrong. As an example, a bank robber could have not understood that stealing was wrong. If he grew up close to the poverty line, or even below, then maybe he grew up to his family stealing because of their needs. Anne Rice states, “Evil is a point of view.” America’s moral views have also been changing drastically over the last decade. John Hick, a well-known modern philosopher actively pursues on the fight that evil is not a creation of God’s doing; instead, Hick believes that evil is a result of God’s creation of our own free will. Hick states: “There is no doubt a development in a man’s ethical situation from generation to generation through the building of individual choices into public institutions, but this involves an accumulation of evil as well as good.” (Hick 23) John Hick, a well-known modern generation philosopher, believes that as the generations turn, the moral tendencies also turn. Hick believes that the current moral state of humans could be closely correlated to a moral state of humans’ two thousand years ago (Hick 23). If the patterns of human morality shift with every generation, shouldn’t that make the notion of evil alter with every generation? If we cannot accurately define what evil consists of, how can we say that God intended evil to be in this world? We all have our own established beliefs on what evil consists of, but if the perspective of evil varies from person to person, then honestly there can be no way God can prevent these “evils.” Religion can be described as a set of beliefs that are a foundation for a person’s moral and actions. Because of the fact that many people get their morals from the religious denomination they belong to, they cannot understand the mind-set of people who have beliefs vastly different from them. A major argument relating God and evil is the concepts of free-will and determinism. Free will is the idea that God put us onto this earth, but he allows us to make our own decisions and have our own thoughts. If one believes that God created us with free will, then there is claim for evil being on this world. Vexen Crabtree states, “If all choices result in good, there would be no moral choices. If love is acceptable, it must be chosen over hate and therefore evil and suffering result when we make morally poor choices.” With free will, God grants us the ability to choose our own...
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