Evil Facebook

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: April 11, 2012
As many people may know, Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world today. Facebook helps people connect with their friends, and relatives from all over the world. However, since Facebook is becoming more well-known, bad things start to take place. Even though Facebook is a place where people can meet new people, it can lead to stalkers, there’s definitely no privacy, and people who are on Facebook feel no need to call or meet their friends or family anymore, so they lose physical contact with others.

A negative effect of Facebook is that it can lead to stalkers. Truth is, there are stalkers everywhere, but Facebook users put all of their business on the site, which makes them very vulnerable. The users can choose what other people see, but stalkers are very smart and can find ways around those walls. Stalkers can make fake profiles and appeal to the person they are trying to befriend, just to become their friend. Once they become friends, then the real stalking begins. The stalker will then begin watching their every move. The stalker can see anything that the user posts and can send messages or even instant messages. For example, imagine a stalker befriending a 13-year-old girl on Facebook. The minute she accepted his friend request, he told her that he works for a modeling agency and he is scouting new talent, and she definitely has that talent. The stalker asked her for some photos and she sent a couple, but that was not enough. The stalker then asked her for some more, but this time he asked for some half-nude pictures. The teenager was then suspicious, so she told her mother. The mother then called the cops, and they told her that the information she gave them fits the description of a stalker that has been terrorizing teenage girls in the area. The cops then asked the mother to pretend to be the teenager just long enough to catch the stalker. The mother agreed and the plan worked; the cops caught the stalker and put him behind bars for a...
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