Evil Angels Cry in the Dark Essay

Topics: Azaria Chamberlain disappearance, Dingo, Uluru Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Evil Angels Cry in the Dark was based on true story during August 17th 1980, of Lindy Chamberlain, who claimed that the dingo carried her baby in the middle of the night . The Chamberlain is on camping trip at Ayer’s rock (now called ULURU). Azaria was 9 weeks old and four days old. Evening-Lindy has just put Azaria and Reagan to bed at that night, where her oldest son Aidan ask for some food .Lindy went to the car and forgot to zip the tent back up. When she returns, she told her husband Michael “bubby cried”. Lindy returns to the tent to check the baby .When the tent came into view. Lindy saw the dingo leaving the tent with its head up and down her first thought its Michaels shoes. Lindy ran into the tent, desperately making sure that her son Reagan were still breathing in his cocoon of a sleeping bag .Blankets were scattered all over the tent and Lindy searched them quickly and hoping that her instincts are wrong. When she failed to find Azaria the tent, Lindy ran to the doorway and screamed “The dingo got my baby!” and began to ran in the direction where dingo had gone. Azaria’s blood was found in a large amount on the tent mattress and other items, on the tent its self. Aboriginal and white trackers following the dingo’s prints in the sand where Azaria had been drag. Many in Australia believe that Lindy/Michael Chamberlain had played a part in the death of their daughter. The media didn’t help in this bias.One week after Azaria death-the tourist found of her bloodstained clothing.

Important aspect in the Chamberlain trial was the evidence presented by many criminal "experts", which was later proved to be false. An investigator who claimed that the holes found in Azaria’s jumpsuit were made not by the teeth of a dingo, but by scissors. He then followed by stating that the cuts on the jumpsuit had been made by scissors. He also gave evidence that Azaria could not have been taken by a dingo because no dingo could open its jaws wide enough to surround the...
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