Evidenced-Based Nursing Practice Essay

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Qualification: Graduate Diploma in Infection Prevention andControl Program

Course number: 7001

Assessment number: Essay 2

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Course tutor: Mary Cooper

Submission date: 26/09/12

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Evidence based practice is an approach to improve the impact of practice in medicine, psychology, social work, nursing and allied fields. It is based on the results of experimental comparisons to record how effective the treatment was against untreated control groups or any other treatments. EBP helps us in gaining up to date knowledge which aids in improving care and also saves lives. In evidence based practice process there are five A, the professionals should do clear assessment of the patient example, about a clinical problem about the care and prepare questions then acquire the evidence or conduct a research, appraise the evidence and integrate the evidence with an expert and self evaluate the information with that patient (Evidence Based Practice, 2010). This essay will discuss about a specific area of practice and how evidence based practice is performed on that area, I selected Decubitus ulcer. The ideas that I have included in this essay are the reason for choosing pressure sore, different levels of evidence and which are the sources from which I retrieved the evidence. It also discusses the nursing interventions of pressure sore management in the five articles on pressure sores that I chose. In the third part the best practice is selected from the five chosen articles and discusses how it is best. The guidelines which are set on the specified area are explained and the next part explores strengths and limitations of the articles using the guidelines. The fifth part of the essay explains the application of guidelines to New Zealand practice and the Kauppapa Maori perspectives. In the last part I would like to give my point of view for the further research. Pressure sores are area of damaged skin which is caused due prolong stay in same position. Pressure on the skin reduces blood flow to the area which causes death of tissues and ulcer is formed in that site. Prolonged use of wheelchair, long stay in bed, disease condition which impairs blood flow and old age are the common causes of pressure sores. It can be identified as red skin gradually forms blister then develops into open sore, it generally occurs on bony prominences like hip, heels, ankle, shoulders and back. Pressure ulcers are categorized into four stages according to severity, there are some preventive measures used to relieve the pressure for example, change of position every two hourly, using pillows, special foam cushions and sheep skin, back care was given and also keep the clean and dry (Mediline Plus, 2012). I selected this topic to do evidence based practice, because it is very important for me to gain current knowledge about changes occurred in management of pressure sore as it is very common in the area of my work. Preventing pressure ulcers has been a concern for years for nurses because if a patient gets bed sore it is considered as result of poor nursing care. Although many clinical experts believe that pressure ulcers are developed not only due to lack of nursing care it is mainly due to failure of entire health care system. In 1993 the pressure ulcer rate was 280,000in hospital stay and after eleven years the rate increased to 455,000 when the hospitalization had increased to only 11%. It is multidisciplinary responsibility to prevent pressure sores in which nurses play important role (Lyder & Ayello, 2012). The best way of finding out the best practice for a clinical situation is to find out what is given in literature for which there is a need to search for literature and review with evidence. There are many sources for the collection of information such as...
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