Evidence for the Great Flood

Topics: Noah's Ark, Bristlecone pine, California Pages: 4 (1468 words) Published: April 2, 2008
A flood generally causes a rather large amount of land to end up underwater. The Great Flood was no different, it caused almost all the land in the world to go underwater. Did the Flood—as recorded in Genesis chapters 6-8—really happen? Was there a humongous amount of water that completely eradicated man from the face of the earth with the exceptions of Noah and his family and subsequently sent vast amounts of land underwater? There is a substantial amount of evidence from various sources that shows there was indeed a large flood of some sort that destroyed a fair amount of human civilization several thousand years ago. Then again, today, there are evangelical teachers who claim “that Noah’s flood did not cover the entire earth nor all the mountains of the day. Further, they claim that Noah and the animals lived on a shallow, temporary inland island sea caused by the flood, somehow covering only the Mesopotamian region.” Nevertheless, there is substantial evidence from the Bible alone that proves that the flood was not merely local, but global. In fact, creation was destroyed in the order in which it was created—according to Genesis 7:21. First the dry land was submerged, then the animals and humans perished. The waters covered the mountains completely to 20eet above the tops of the tallest mountains in the world, and remained at that impressive depth for at least five months. If Noah, his family, and all the animals were living in the ark, it would have to be absolutely huge. Not some silly ‘temporary island.’ If the flood had been merely local, wouldn’t God have just sent Noah and all the rest of his entourage to a safer part of the world? In that case, then the ark was larger then it needed to be for just that land area. But the flood was a worldwide occurrence, something for which there is substantial evidence. There are over two hundred seventy ancient civilizations that have stories and/or historic records of a great flood happening. From the Sumerians...
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