Evidence and Experience Essay

Topics: Poverty, Poverty in the United States, Developed country Pages: 12 (3982 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Tashnima Sikder

English 101 FC11

Experience and Evidence Essay

A Country: To Be Developing or Developed

I am writing my paper to the economic department of the University of Maryland, College Park. Some things I know about my audience are that they comprise of men and women who are most likely involved in business-related jobs that require them to travel often. They are probably also researchers within the economic field in developing countries. Some questions my audience may have are: what actions does a government take to control their economic system? Why it is that economies affect certain areas within a country and not others? The topic of my paper is about population control. Some questions my audience may ask on my topic are: how does the economy affect the population level or amount of control that the government (can) provide?

I went on a three week trip to visit my parents’ homeland Bangladesh when I was in eighth grade. As a developing country, Bangladesh’s infrastructure support new transportation, a greater power supply, mass communication and distribution of water. I have heard that the capital, Dhaka, has the world’s thirteenth largest mall called Bashundura. In the city, car dealers have all the latest models and designs of cars, other large malls and buildings built everywhere just as a thriving city would. But so far, the city reminds me of a developed city in a modern nation rather than a city in a developing country. But, there were many impoverished people on the streets of the city as there were in the village. The streets of the city were very congested with a huge amount of people, cars, and other forms of transportation such as rickshaws. As one can see, there are many factors that contribute to overpopulation in Bangladesh. Regardless of the currently prospering economy, it is difficult for developing countries, like Bangladesh, to become an established country because of a rapidly growing population that escalates the rate of poverty which makes it difficult for the government to provide shelter, food and education to everyone in addition to keeping track of internal and external factors (issues) of the country.

Population control is a major issue in many developed and developing countries. Developing countries though may have more of an issue with it because it may affect the outcome of their establishment. Researchers Wolfgang Lutz and Samir K.C., from the Wittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital, say that technically all the increase in population will occur in developing countries (Lutz and KC 2779). With an increase in population, it may simultaneously increase the likelihood of problems to arise when dealing with poverty levels, affect the economy, and affect the government in allocating and providing land, water and education in one’s country. Many countries had to overcome obstacles that interfered with their development, for example the United States. The US depended on England before they decided to become independent of them. From that point on, the United States slowly started to become revolutionized to the point of becoming one of the world’s leading developed country. The country over time worked hard to build a steady, stable government, stabilize their economy and trade system, and provide necessities to their citizens to the best of their ability. Some countries though, attempt to model the steps taken to become established, but still fail to become fully developed due to problematic factors. This paper discusses how Bangladesh models developed country characteristics but still is unable to become fully developed because of certain factors.

In order to prove my argument, I’m going to discuss the following topics concerning the reasons why a developing country does not become fully established. The paper begins off with an introduction that allows readers to be familiar with the topic that will be discussed; it has the...
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