Everythings an Argument Ch. 6

Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Stephen Toulmin Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: September 18, 2008
Chapter 6 Structuring Arguments
Structured designs or arguments can attract a greater range of attention by playing close attention to their intended topic. Throughout history many beautifully structured arguments such as a speech or a certain subject in democracy has brought about the nations patriotic proclamation to demonstrate a country of free speech and democracy. The Toulmin Argument was introduced by a man by the name of Stephen Toulmin a British philosopher who thought to research the idea and method that describes the way people make such convincing arguments. Toulims’ argument takes into account situations in which people have to deal with throughout their lives with words such as sometimes, often, and almost which deal with the emotions and personal thoughts behind a certain topic or argument. Claims are also brought up in Toulims’ method and theory; his idea is that arguments begin with claims which are statements and/or opinions which are debatable and may sometimes cause controversy among people. Arguable claims tend to be known as controversial; with so many people agreeing on certain points of an argument there is no point in even bringing it up. Claims should also be debatable these can be explained by presenting proof and/or evidence which can be the best material brought in to build up an argument. Most claims are often brought up from a personal experience because of the way the argument is presented we may already know from past reference and may also be called or labeled an expert due to the fact that you have already experienced such a predicament and know how to resolve the situation. A claim is nothing without providing a backbone to the problem such as evidence and proof to support your argument. Toulims’ theory of claims can also be connected to a persuasive and logical approach to the argument at hand; what he names this is a warrant which answers the questions most readers may have towards a certain key point of topic in...
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