Everything to Know About Journeys

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A journey is the act of travelling between two places. If you journey from one place to another, you travel there. A journey can be physical, mental, psychological or even spiritual. In a journey you can face challenges, hardships and obstacles but it’s your task to face the challenges, push away the hardship and overcome any obstacle that falls before you. Of course there are always two sides to a story. Journeys aren’t always full of hardship and sorrow; they can be full of joy and happiness. In a journey you can experience new things, new cultures, different people and also different religions. There are many benefits of a journey but the one that exceeds the most is the one where you get to reach your goal. Journeys hold benefits such as experiencing new people, learning more about yourself and who you really are, but these are only a few. A journey holds many benefits but it’s not just going to gift them to you, you have to go and look for them yourself. There are benefits such as you getting better as a person, being thankful of what you have got and putting people in to consideration more. In a nutshell, any journey you go on will help you learn something new, whether it is new cultures, religions, different lifestyles and so on. For example in the book ‘We all fall down’, many characters, almost all of them experience an inner journey. When something bad happens to them or to the people they love, they all face it in a different way. Jane Jerome handles it in a calm way where the author tells us more about her personality and how she is. Buddy on the other hand tries to overcome his problems that are surrounding him by always drinking and always ‘being on the booze’ Of course, there isn’t always the beneficial side. As many as there are benefits and positives in a journey, there are the same amounts of negatives. In a journey...
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