Everything That Rises Must Converge Analysis

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  • Published : April 17, 2008
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Rising from Bigotry to Converge in Equality
“Everything That Rises must converge”, by Flannery O’ Connor is sometimes considered a comical but also serious tale of a grown man named Julian, who lives with mother, who happens to be your typical southern woman. The era unfolds in a couple years after integration begins. Throughout the story, O’Connor impresses us with her derived message in which people often resist to growing away from bigotry towards self-awareness and love for all humankind, which is so necessary for life to converge in equality. O’Connor has a distinctive style of writing that expresses this message through characterization, conflict and literary devices. From the first page, Flannery O’Connor does a great job describing the significant differences between Julian and his mother. Her characterization skills are fulfilled to the max. Julian’s mother comes off as a strong and hard-headed woman who has the mindset that Negros are inferior to whites. “’They were better off when they were [slaves],’ she said…. They should rise but on their own side of the fence.’” Julian’s mother is double-minded and shallow unlike her son Julian. These were thoughts like these that brought among conflict between the two. Julian “…in spite of all her foolish views…was free of prejudice and unafraid to face facts. He was not dominated by his mother. Julian who grew up in a changing society was influenced differently. Julian is a young, very intelligent, college graduate who plans to be a writer someday. His actions let us know that he does not enjoy being around his mother. “Julian walked with his hands in his pockets, his head down and thrust forward and his eyes glazed with the determination to make himself completely numb during the time he would be sacrificed to her pleasure.” Julian is in constant disagreement with his mother and because he can’t stand her bigotry and ideas, he ignores her physical presence when he’s with her. “Behind the...
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