Everything Bad Is Good for You

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Marriage Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: April 22, 2013
As our lives are getting better and better, more and more entertainment are found by people. Of course, going to see a movie with friends at weekend is a nice choice. People love movies in this century. People love Titanic because of its romantic; people love Transformers because of its fantasy; people love Fast because of its speed. People love those films with their own reasons. However, those films have a thing in common. That is the sex. Sexuality has became a fascinate point in those movies. They are giving teenage the feeling of romantic, passionate and happiness.

First of all, sex in movies is romantic. Many people may have seen or heard the movie Titanic. That is a really good movie, which is telling us a love story of Jack and Rose. They don’t know each other until they meet in Titanic. The huge cruises is on its trip with thousands people. Jack and Rose meet in a right time and then they fall in love with each other soon. As their fire of love is burning so hot, they do have sex in the next day after they meet each other. I still remember one dialogue that Rose said to jack. “Jack, slow f**k.” That is real and lifelike. Teenages love those stories. They are easily attracted by each other. They think sex is a sublimation of relationship. So sex is just a normal action in their relationship. This is situation is like motioned in Joyce Garity’s essay Is Sex All That Matters?. 75 percent of Americans have lost their virginity. In many high schools-and an increasing number of junior highs- virginity is regarded as an embarrassing vestige of childhood, to be disposed of as quick as possible. Why do they think so? Because they watch lots of movies like titanic, and they think sex is romantic.

Secondly, not only those love story, some child movies are affecting teenagers in the concept of sex. Ratatouille is the story of a French rat named Remy who has unusual instincts for his kind: his senses of taste and smell are especially keen and he develops an...
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