Everything and Everyone Is Your Teacher

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: November 6, 2011
In the short essay “Everyone and everything around you is your teacher” by Ken Keyes, the main audience is everyone. Anyone can read this and relate, no matter how young or old. The line that interested me the most was when the author quoted “Conversely, what we dislike most in others may also reflect some trait within ourselves that we weren’t aware was there.” This line is my favorite because it brings light to the subconscious part of our mind. We all have flaws, but it is seen best through each other. This may explain why people whom are closest, get on each others nerves the most. We are all attracted to people who are just like us in many ways. There’s been a few times in my life when I have felt as though my closest friends were actually my enemies. Upon reflecting on my relationships, I can acknowledge things in my friends that I hated about myself. For example, any time I would catch a friend lying I would overreact because I had lied about things before as well. For some people it may take experiencing someone elses flawed personality trait in order to change their own bad habits. People whom in which we associate with are not random, we are drawn to them for a reason. Whether it is because we wish we could be like them, or we admire something about them. Friends, teachers, family are people that really can offer us the most insight to ourselves.
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