Everyone Needs a Companion

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The shelters are over packed, animals running loose in every city or town you go into, and every time I watch the television, there are these animal shows showing that there are abused or unwanted animals. If people would have just show some responsibility saying they can take care of their animal, animals are just like kids; they play, poop, eat, drink, and get into trouble. If you can take care of a kid, then you have the responsibility of taking care of an animal. Everyone should have at least have one pet. The reasons for everyone having one pet are for their good but not only their good but the pets good to. Having a pet can bring unconditional love and you can have the best friend you can count on. My evidence; there are about five million animals in the shelter if people had an animal that would be drop the animal rate in the animal shelter.There are a lot of people on this planet that are lonely, so for a companion they would have someone there to count on them. To me love is the cure of all sadness so if you have a strong love for your pet, you know it is going to be a great bond.

Some people would make excuses so they do not have pets. For example, I’m allergic to certain animals, I don’t have space for them, I cannot afford an animal, or the best yet, how can I handle an animal when I have a kid. The possible responses are getting an animal that you are not allergic to.If you have space for anything else than you have space for an animal, if you have kids, how are you going to afford them, this is just one step below then having a kid. How are you going to handle two kids when you have them. Having two kids is the same thing as having an animal and a kid. An animal is family when you have one; they are just like a kid to.

Having an animal is like having a family. Some people do not have families, so having an animal there for them means the world. They actually have someone they can count on. The reason I think everyone should have at least...
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