Everyman as a Morality Play

Topics: Drama, Morality Play, Middle Ages Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: December 10, 2010
The later Middle Ages brought upon a rapid growth in the native drama, a preparation for the Great Age of Elizabeth; The ancient classical drama was not so popular and the only traces of it could be found in the mimes or the professional strolling players to be found throughout the Middle Ages in all parts of Europe. The church played a major role in the growth of the Drama, it was however ironic that the Drama was earlier being banned by the Church because at that time Drama was common among the Pagans. It was earlier performed at great festivals, a crude survival of pagan ritual, developed into more elaborate amusements with simple dramatizations of the feat of such heroes as Robin Hood and St George. This however brought a change in the art of story telling as the audiences could easily picture the characters on stage and would leave a much more lasting imprint on the viewer’s memory. These festivities were the occasion of much popular fun and licence. It is in the Church and the liturgy that we find the stimulus which leads to the rebirth of drama. Such was the popularity that most of the performances had to be taken to the streets. The Catholic Church started the Dramatized form of familiarizing the stories of the Bible through the Miracle Plays where all the miracles that were in the Bible were acted out Especially in the Mass, were developed as part of the elaborate ceremonial of great religious feasts such like Easter. The Authorities were quick to appreciate the instructional value of these performances as an addition to the Latin liturgy, since most of the sermons at that time were delivered in Latin, therefore it was incomprehensible for the common people but through these dramatized displays the people were made aware of their own identities as Christians and this added more impetus to the popularity of the Drama in Medieval Europe and also the attendance on the pews got better. A Morality play was a play that comes between a religious play and the...
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